Shandong Linyi Buy Diamond Ring

What kind of diamond ring diamonds can be bought in Linyi, Shandong Linyi 8000 to 10000, and the purity of diamond purity of PT platinum is medium -sized to be limited by the brand

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  1. I think it ’s a good deal to buy it online. 8000-10000, you can buy about 60 · 70 points, medium-color diamonds,

    If you go to the store to buy, it is estimated that it is about 30 diamonds.

    The measure of diamonds, I suggest you popularize first, the so -called 4C. It is helpful to you.

    The should be considered from the following four aspects (4C):
    (1) Color (color): The best colorless, the deeper the color, the worse the quality. In the color grading of colorless diamonds, the top color is D color, and it is arranged to Z in turn. We only say that from D to J's color level, D-G is a colorless level, G-J is a near-color level, from K. There is basically no sense of collection and wearing. Because the diamonds will gradually be yellow from K, when we choose diamonds, try to choose the color of more than H. Although the level of i-J is also in a near-color category, we can notice a slight yellow yellow. Colorful diamonds, such as: red, pink, green, blue, etc., and belong to the treasures of diamonds, which are expensive. Among them, the red diamond is the most precious.
    (2) Clarity: The basis of the clarity classification is the position of the inner content, the size and the number of quantity are divided. The clarity level can be divided into FL, if, VVS1, VVS2, vs2, vs2, SI1, SI3, SI3, P1, P2, P3. More, the more obvious the location is, the worse the quality, and the price should be reduced accordingly.
    (3 carat weight (cara): In the same case of the other three C, the price of the diamond is proportional to the square in weight. The greater the weight, the higher the value. The weight of the diamond is based on carats. Cla (CT) = 0.2 grams (g). Average one carat is divided into one hundred copies, each of which is one point, the target of the mall price is 0.3CT, 0.4ct is the 30 points and 40 points we said.
    (4) Cut (CUT): The rough stone of a diamond, even if it is thrown on the road, will not pay attention. It is to give it a second life to make it a gorgeous fire color. The geometric shape of the various petals of the finished naked diamond and the way of its arrangement. The cutting is divided into cutting ratio, polishing, and modification. Each item has five levels, from high to low. FAIR, POOR. Generally, what we see is standard round drill -type cutting. Top -cut stones, it can reach the closest percentage of light reflection, which is the three E x (Excellent) cuts we say. Working, but the price of this kind of cut will be slightly more expensive, because its income rate is relatively low, it will be about 5%higher than the price of not three EX cuts, but the fire color of the three EX stones will be Definitely the most gorgeous.

    defgh I j

    then when buying, usually naked diamonds must have a GIA certificate, and the finished diamond ring must have a CMA certificate. 4C, it depends on whether there is fluorescence, which is also important.

    If you want to save money and recommend you to buy it online. One, F color, clarity vs1, cut EX, vg, vg. 46600, if you go to the mall to buy, about 2W.
    Just be fine.

    OK, probably so much, I hope to help you.

  2. Brothers really have money. I think gold is more gold than diamonds

    The jewelry in diamond ring is 30 % off. Do you understand? N's entry price is 3000 and then deducted the cost of production at about 1000

  3. Our wedding ring was in Kyushu. Dai Meng had to buy it and can still get a 50 % discount. Essence Because my former friends also bought there. Essence You said, your friends are in Yitang, and several of them are buying there. Essence He can discount you. I bought platinum. Essence A pair of earrings, phase chain plus pendant, drilling Jie is only about 6,000 money. Essence

  4. If the quality of the diamond is lower, you can buy diamonds of more than 50 points. If you are high quality, you may be at 50 points or left and right! Intersection In fact, I also recommend buying a diamond ring. Do n’t look at the brand. You can compare the price code on the Internet first. I suggest you go to Alibaba to find a luxurious green diamond jewelry. The price, so you have a spectrum when you buy it!

  5. Look at your PT with gold. If it is a male ring, the diamond should be smaller or the quality is relatively not very good.
    If it is a women's ring, use 3-4 grams PT950 or PT900. You can get a 60 -point H color, VS2 diamond.
    If it is a male ring, use the PT950 or PT900 of about 10 grams. You can get a 50 -split H color, SI1 diamond.

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