4 thoughts on “I want to ask about Baidu's World Cup quiz”

  1. After the end of each game, the official I post bar of the World Cup will release the results in time and display it in your I post bar.
    will also notify you the results of each game in a system reminder.

    The allocation of competition bonuses:
    Pets after each game, the system will automatically calculate and allocate the bonus based on the results of the game. According to the winning or losing of the quiz, your guessing currency will increase or increase accordingly reduce. If you win, the winning bonus will be allocated according to the amount of guessing currency of your bet. The more the amount of bets, the more prizes you win; if you fail, you will lose all the principal of the bet.

  2. Calculated according to the odds, for example, a certain game, I guess the victory, the result is flat or lost, and my guessing currency is gone. If it is victorious, I guess right, then Baidu calculates the sum of all the guessing currency in this game. In addition to the correct bet amount, it is the odds, such as 100 currency winning, 200 blends. 2,000 bets, the result is 2300. Except 100, 23. It means you will get 23 yuan for you will get a piece of 23 yuan.

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