1 thought on “How to tie the gold bracelet with neck

  1. Tie the ring with a rope.

    1. Find a red line first, preferably the red line of the Chinese knot, the red line is folded into a U -shaped, pulling the red line, making the red line long and short. Use the left and right thumbs and index finger to pinch the ring ring, press the U -shaped line between the ring ring and the index finger. Tour the long end of the U -shaped line from left to right to the ring. Remember to turn the short one in the short one here, so that you will see that the U -shaped line will be left on the left side of the line. At the end of the unblocked, the place is left on the ground.

    2, the winding feels almost the same, and then around the opposite direction. When the winding is around, the right side of the winding is guaranteed. One end also walked in.

    3, wound from right to left, and then pass the line head through the buckle, and at the same time pull the thread head that passes through the buckle, and pull the shorter end head on the right, pull it in the opposite direction, and pull it in the opposite direction. At this time, the line head will be pulled into the wrap, so that there is no need to knot it, and finally cut off the excess line head. This method can be worn on the neck of the bracelet as a rope.

    The method of wearing gold bracelets:
    In ancient times, people think that wearing gold bracelets can avoid evil or bring themselves good Luck, so in ancient times, both men and women and children wearing bracelets, bracelets have different sayings, but everyone is habitually doing things in the right hand. Therefore, the most convenient thing to wear bracelets is the left hand. On the top, if you bring two, you can left and right, or both are on the left hand, and the three words will be brought on the left hand. You cannot separate the two sides. The three or more situations are relatively small.

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