How to maintain the golden necklace at home will not be black?

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  1. Causes of black necklaces: waste and harmful substances in the human body, chlorine substances, lactic acid, urea ammonia, etc., will generate chemical reactions with silver and copper in gold jewelry, and produce dark black silver chloride and copper sulfide. This chemical salt sometimes falls from gold jewelry, and it will also pollute the skin of the wearer, leaving very obvious black stains.
    This maintenance method:
    1. Ammonia water has a very effective effect on the cleaning of the gold surface. The method of helping ammonia cleaning gold is also very simple. First take a bottle and add pure water to it, then drip it inside into it. A few drops of ammonia water, finally put in gold jewelry, shake it for a few times, and remove the gold jewelry with a soft cloth to wipe and dry it. Use this method to clean the gold jewelry to make the gold brighter.

    2. 1000 ml of warm water first, then add 200 ml of methamphetamine to make a water solution, then soak the gold jewelry into a water solution made for 10 minutes, and then dip it in hot brush with a soft brush. The water brushed gently, and finally rinsed with water. It is best to dip the soapy water with a skim cotton ball and scrub without water alcohol, so that the gold jewelry cleaned will become extremely gorgeous.

    3. Wash with soapy water mixed with a little alcohol. After rinse, wipe with a soft cloth and dry. Or use a pill dipped in a toothpaste gently until the light. You can also buy a pack of shadow powder into 100 grams of water in the photo equipment store and stir it into a solution. It can also be immersed in the solution. Wipe the soft cloth gently, and the dirt can be eliminated.

    4. If the surface of the gold jewelry has already had black silver film, the more commonly used method is: 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of soda, 8 grams of bleaching powder, 60 ml of water, and prepared a gold device cleaning agent Put the golden jewelry in a bowl and pour it into the cleaning agent. After two hours, remove the golden jewelry, rinse it with water, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

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