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  1. Netizens answered (2 in total) Mido's mini skirtnHaha, try it with an ultrasonic cleaning machine to ensure that it is as bright as the new. Household ultrasonic cleaning machines are specially cleaned jewelry, glasses, watches, etc.nThe ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, which can achieve the comprehensive cleaning effect of objects. It is particularly ideal for deep holes, blind holes, and bump groove cleaning, which does not affect the material and accuracy of any object.n★ Try to reduce wearing diamond jewelry for some intense activities. Although diamonds are the hardest substances in the world, it is crispy. When it encounters a violent impact of external forces, it may cause damage, which seriously affects the beauty of diamonds and its value.n★ Diamond -specific liquidity will make it easy to stick to skin oil, cosmetics and kitchen oil. After a long time, the diamond will lose its luster. It can be cleaned regularly at home warm water, dishwashing and cotton cloth. Of course, it is best to go to a professional store to clean it.n★ When you do not wear diamond jewelry, you should collect them in a dry place and place them separately to avoid being damaged by rubbing each other.nMaintenance of gold jewelrynWhen wearing gold ornaments, avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, bleaching water or cosmetics to prevent chemical effects.nGold jewelry is easy to chemically change with metals such as silverware, mercury, and lead, making gold jewelry white spots, but the white dot will disappear after being volatilized by fire. In this case, customers only need to return jewelry back to jewelry shops to solve them. Generally, the soap liquid that can be diluted is cleaned, and then the water is dry with soft cloth. The maintenance of the goldn1. Generally, you can be soaked in alcohol for a few minutes and take it out. The general sweat will be volatilized with alcohol.n2. When wearing sweat and stacking sweat, the old toothbrushes can be dipped in the bottom of the table with a neutral cleaning solution or a commercially available jewelry cleaning solution, and there is a fine seam of the diamond. Otherwise Lost.n3. The ultrasound cleaning provided by the general store, but carefully check whether the claws are loose before cleaning, otherwise it will be more loose because of its high -frequency vibration. EssencenPlatinum jewelry maintenancen1) Avoid contact with chemicals such as bleach water, detergent, etc.n2) Wash the platinum jewelry that can be diluted, and then absorb water with soft clothn3) Clear surface fingerprints and stains with non -grinding blocks, such as silver cloth or glasses cloth

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