Can gold bracelets be made into silver bracelets?

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  1. Yes, but color, hardness, and quality will change.
    Gold bracelet production process:
    1. The concept out of drawings, jewelry designers will use market demand to conceive some style design documents. Among them, several satisfying styles were screened for processing.
    2, the material is opened. If it is a gold bracelet, it requires melting gold, melts the gold bars into liquid, and then pours it into the mill to form the thickness and width.
    3, molding, there are many bracelet styles, including curls, circles, etc., the manufacturing process is different, it can directly open the mold and cast, and after gravity, the shape of the mill is stamped. The style is more traditional, and different styles require different molds. Now use CNC smart bracelet devices to draw pictures directly on the computer, and use CAD format to import the device computer. The device can actively transform the G code for accurate batch flowers. Convenient.
    4, beating and rubbing, hammering the jewelry, and then grinding to make the golden jewelry more delicate and flat, polish all the dead angles of all, and use grinding needles, sand wheels, plate sand wheels and other tools to finely use tools such as grinding needles, sand wheels, and sand wheels. Follow, further plastic surgery.
    5, polishing, soaking with dilute hydrochloric acid, fine polishing after removing, repeated polishing and carriers, so that the precision jewelry has a smooth feel and silky texture.
    6, drying, put the product into the steam engine for high temperature treatment, and dry after high temperature treatment.
    Silver bracelet Making method:
    1, melting silver: Raw silver is usually large. First of all, large pieces of silver must be crushed and placed on the furnace to melt. After the silver began to melt, the copper mold was cast with a long handle clamp.
    2, forging: Starting into the shape of the center when it is hot, this step is required to be repeatedly carried out repeatedly because it cannot be used to form the required shape.
    3, feeding: Compared with the designed silver decoration documents, the silver material is slightly larger than the designed document, leaving a certain amount of processing waste.
    4, leading trustees: The role of the lead bearing is to support the silver tablets that need to be processed by the hungry fixed for further production. Place the coarse -processed silver sheet in the sandbox, inject the melted lead into it, and then cool it.
    5, precision processing: This process includes the process of hammer, carving, carving, filament cutting, etc., which is the most critical step in the entire process. This process is also called "carving". The tools used by carving are a small hammer and a number of dumplings. The hoe has a variety of tips, round, flat, crescent -shaped, petals and other types. It is selected as needed. During processing, the hand holds the hammer, like the painter's pen, the palm of the hand is corresponding, and a group of groups of vivid and patterns are carved out. The key is at this time. The carving is subtle, showing the carefulness and accuracy of the craftsman. Among them, the filament knot tests the master's carefulness and endurance, and each piece of flower jewelry is a heart -based and physical knot product.
    6. Welding: Silver jewelry that needs to be welded, welded at the interface, and welded with welding guns.
    7, silver washing: After repeated beating and barbecue, the surface of the silver decoration will be black or stained with impurities. Use the high temperature to heat the silver decoration, then put it into the acid liquid, remove it in the water brushing in the water It can be cleaned and white.

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